GLS Launches defi SOLUTIONS

GLS Launches defi SOLUTIONS LOS to Provide Dealers Enhanced Decisioning and Service

Global Lending Services (GLS) is pleased to announce the successful launch of their new loan origination system (LOS).  Over the past few months, GLS has teamed up with defi SOLUTIONS to launch a fast, flexible, scalable and reliable system to enhance dealer service.  The new LOS system allows GLS to provide industry leading dealer services including quicker and more automated decisioning tailored to each dealer’s program. GLS chose to leverage defi’s LOS because it provides a highly configurable platform that allows GLS to continuously enhance programs and policies to support dealer and consumer needs with consistent service and speedy processing.

“I am excited about the benefits and opportunities that the defi system enables GLS to provide dealers.  One of the first enhancements the new system allowed us to quickly launch is our new flat fee payable to GLS dealers on every funding. Having a configurable system allows GLS to quickly and efficiently meet market needs and offer fast and reliable service on every application,” said Richard Mashburn, SVP of Sales for GLS.

“Meeting the expectations of lenders like GLS with complex needs and high expectations is at the heart of the defi strategy. We know that no two auto lenders are alike but growing and innovative lenders like GLS need a system that allows them easy access to data and the ability to tailor programs and pricing quickly to meet dealer needs,” says Stephanie Alsbrooks, CEO defi SOLUTIONS.

Dan Bankson, Chief Analytics Officer for GLS commented on the configuration and flexibility of the new system, saying, “the defi LOS system is configurable based on GLS’ needs and is not some off the

shelf system with pre-defined settings. This allows GLS to tailor our credit policy and pricing programs as needed.  GLS now has the right system to meet market needs and efficiently adopt changes desired to improve service and enhance company performance going forward.”

About Global Lending Services

Global Lending Services LLC (GLS) provides subprime auto financing to franchise and independent auto dealerships. GLS was founded in 2011 by auto industry veteran Douglas Duncan and acquired the assets and operations of Resurgent Auto Finance in 2012 to create a scalable auto finance platform. Formed using state-of-the-art technology and analytics, GLS strives to provide services to help customers with basic transportation needs while creating a dealer-friendly environment that enhances their business partners’ profitability. www.glsllc.com

About defi SOLUTIONS
defi SOLUTIONS provides the only leading edge, browser-based loan origination system (LOS) that is completely configurable by lenders. The defi system allows auto lenders to manage the application lifecycle from a single, highly flexible platform. The defi LOS is affordable, scalable and easily accessible from mobile devices. To schedule a demo of the defi SOLUTIONS system, visit defi SOLUTIONS online, www.defiSOLUTIONS.com.

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